About me

I am an illustrator with an academic education. Until today I have illustrated over 20 books and publications. I love the simple design and illustration subtly conveying its message. I believe simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication and elegance. Children’s illustration and animal portraits are nearest and dearest to my heart and soul. The first is playful and full of boundless imagination, while the second is more controlled, profound, and complex.


My work includes creating characters and environments, the ability to tell a story and express emotions through pictures, anatomy, knowledge of color theory and composition. I often work closely with authors and designers on development of basic ideas of page design and placement of elements in the publication. My work also includes understanding the story or the missions of the characters in the narrative (I have also illustrated over 20 books for children), adapting them for the final purpose of the product.


In my illustrations, I use digital and classical drawing techniques and often combine them for a better result. Digital artistic creation goes beyond the limitations of painting on paper and canvas, but can also open a completely new horizon through simulations of classical techniques.

Watercolor, acrylic, charcoal, and pencil are the classic techniques that I use most often when creating classical illustration. All four are flexible and versatile. Acrylic and watercolor, each in its own way, allow just the right amount of playfulness and the use of colors, while charcoal and pencil are more serious and precise

Pet portraits

Portraits of pets hold a special place in my heart. Humans have mostly brought dogs and cats into our homes and hearts, so most of my works in this segment depict them. Dogs with their pure, uncompromisingly affectionate souls who love so generously…and cats and their nonchalant elegance, independent emotional status, and gentle refined display of love for their human. A pet portrait is unique, just like the soul it depicts.