City Municipality of Ljubljana

Production of illustrations and layout for the booklet by author Saša Vochl, “With simple games, easily into the forest”. The educational booklet contains suggestions for games through which children learn about the forest and its inhabitants in a tactile, self-reflective way. The illustrations are playful and colorful, hinting at how each game is supposed to play out.

Agency of the Republic of Slovenia

Ecological state of inland waters, Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for the Environment – informative brochure on the state of inland waters. The illustrations are technically-narrative and facilitate the understanding of individual segments of the text, which talks about the biodiversity and ecosystems of rivers and lakes in Slovenia.

Tourist Information Centre Vrhnika

Cooperation on several projects. From advertising posters, illustrations on individual pieces of packaging for products in TIC’s online store, to illustrations for board games. Always a pleasant collaboration full of diverse needs and, as a result, also diverse styles of illustrations, which are all related to Vrhnika, its surroundings and the history of the city.

“Year of Fairy tales” – 12 fairy tale books

A Collection of children’s fairy tales by Maja Monrue “Year of Fairy Tales” – 12 fairy tale books originally written to preserve the Slovenian language abroad. Each fairy tale has a distinctly positive message, whether it’s about unconditional love between family members, acceptance, personal growth and overcoming personal obstacles, or friendship. The illustrations are narrative, colorful and full of imagination, with animals as the main characters. Each book tells a story in a completely different living environment, which required me as an illustrator to have an extremely broad knowledge of the environments and situations that take place in them.

“The Magic Shine and Me” – a wonderful booklet

Špela Bašar and her “The Magic Shine and Me” – a wonderful booklet aimed at children between the ages of 8 and 12, helps them learn about their inner Self and how to deal with it, so the relationship with it will be a positive and constructive one. Through a combination of story, illustrated exercises and tasks, the booklet helps children overcome obstacles such as negative thinking, fear of making mistakes and poor self-esteem. I prepared a series of illustrations that complement the story and a series of illustrated tasks according to the author’s instructions. The illustrations required a rich imagination and an understanding of the message of the story, as well as inventive, creative thinking in the design of the illustrated tasks.

Design of illustrations for t-shirtst

Alfakan, institute for dog training and owner education – design of illustrations for t-shirts. The illustrations are stylistically simpler, as this is dictated by the way of use (printing on textiles), but they must clearly communicate the motto of the Alfakan dog school – understanding the dog’s essence in all its playfulness and diversity.